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Thoughts About Old Photos

Photographs have an incalculable value beyond other material things we might assume at first are more precious. Many times when people have lost their homes and families in disastrous circumstances, the first thing they seek, upon returning, are the photographs they once had.

Images of people, their quotidian lives, in ordinary moments, have a meaning to others, who know nothing about the content of the picture, as well. We observe the details, the clothes, the cars, the signs, and try to place ourselves within that time and place. We can intellectualize about the signifier and the signified endlessly, but, in the end, we connect in a real way with a fragment of the printed past.

Many photographers have interesting ideas about why the old anonymous images intrigue us and I hope they will post their thoughts here.

This blog is a place to view curious old images, comment if you care to,  and enjoy. Go to Home on this page to view the images please.

Liese A Ricketts


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  1. are you accepting images for consideration?

  2. Tattered and Lost

    Just found your site today and love the images. A nice variety.

  3. Liese, I have been a long time snap addict and your selection is outstandingly stunning by any measure. My eyes are ringing. GREAT Stuff!

    Ken Brown

  4. Great founds! thanks for sharing this!


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