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Welcome to my collection of found vernacular photographs (and photo ephemera which I will share as well). I have been collecting anonymous snapshots for about thirty years, after more than a decade in South America.

It struck me, when I returned to the US of A, that Americans throw away, sell, or discard family photos. That is something I had never seen abroad. It also surprised me that people here were willing to shamelessly display very personal items on their front lawns, porches, or fences. Garage sales were a new phenomenon to me, nothing I had seen here in the 50’s or 60’s.

All this stuff. I discovered strange pictures in boxes, on flea market tables, in antique stores, images that drew me in. In the last five years or so, eBay has been a source for them. I do not intend to sell mine; I want to share them with others and keep them safe. You are welcome to enjoy them as I do every time I see them.

Also, you get to see photo dust again! Yay!

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  1. Tattered and Lost

    Kindred soul.


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